Board Meeting Minutes

November 19, 2018

Call to Order and Recognition of Guests:

The Board of Mid-MO NORML met, commencing at 7:15 pm on Monday, November 19th, 2018.  Board members present included Steve Faber, Presiding; Dan Viets, Vice President; Lonnie Kessler, Treasurer (via phone conference); Lance Lenau, Communications; B. J. Jewett, Secretary: Martha Doney and Sheila Dundon.  Visitor attending:  Amanda Goff

Approval of Minutes:

Members were sent previous minutes via email.  Dan made a motion to accept these minutes.  Martha seconded and motion was passed unanimously.



  • Election Night Watch Party was well attended. Everyone pleased that Amendment 2 passed.
  • Missouri NORML Fall Conference After Party Fundraiser at Grand Cru:  Event was well attended.  Sheila is working on getting totals together from all sources (donations, auction, etc.). B. J. and Lonnie will work on sending thank you notes to all donors.


  • People are commenting on social media about their concern for the issue of gun ownership and getting a medical marijuana card.
  • It’s not an issue we can solve as it’s federal legislation.
  • Steve reports there is legislation being considered by a new lawmaker to address this, but MO law can’t supersede federal. See comments in follow-up discussion.
  • People have expressed frustration on social media about the timeframe.
  • The Facebook link is active on the Mid-MO NORML webpage.
  • There is a Facebook link on our page to DHS for people seeking info on the implementation, timeline, etc. of Amendment 2.


    We have 691.90 in the bank. We have 288.52 in PayPal.  Total:  42.


  • Sponsor are up on the website.
  • FB feed/link shows in website.
  • Emails for Board Members are ready to be set up. Aaron needs to know the name by which each member would like theirs to display.  We discussed keeping it consistent by using the first name of members.

Announcements and News

  • MU NORML meets on the 1st Wednesday of the month, 3:30 – 4:20. They meet in the Leadership Auditorium on campus.  We are welcome to attend.
  • Mid-MO NORML – next general meeting is November 6th , beginning at 6:30. We’ll meet at Broadway Billiards.

Old Business

Website Sponsors:  Three businesses are currently sponsors and are listed on our Website:  Ascent, Sacred and Retro Active.

Bios:  Aaron needs bios from Sheila and Martha

MMN email addresses:  See above

Thank you notes:

  • Lonnie will form list of individual donations who gave cash.
  • Sheila will give Lonnie the names of donors and their donations to the auction.
  • J. and Lonnie will coordinate to send thank you notes to each donor.

Membership Roster:

  • We are working on a list of current paid members. Our membership end date yearly is April 20th.  Lonnie will check to see who has donated via PayPal.
  • Dues are $20 – $420/year.
  • Question: Can we deposit membership fees into Mo NORML account?  We have a PayPal reader only.  Lonnie will get log in info to Lance.
  • It would cost $350 dollars to set up separate Mid-MO NORML card reader for memberships dues. Lance can access MO NORML reader/account. If used, MO NORML can reimburse us for those membership dues.  Let Sheila know if this is needed.

Bylaw Amendment to allow action by executive committee:

    Proposed amendment change shared with group. Discussion of need for more than fifty dollars.  Intent of bylaw was to have a recourse for people needing something immediate; example, setting up tables for events and need supplies.  Group preferred option of $100 being available.  Sheila made motion to approve, Dan seconded and it was passed unanimously.  It will be voted on at our next general meeting.

New Business

Social Meetings/Programs:

    Presentations: “Know Your Rights” was presented earlier this year.  It was poorly attended by information was excellent.  It was held on campus and aimed at that audience.  Discussion of hosting this same event for the general public and hosting it at the Daniel Boone Regional Library.  Group felt this a great option.  Martha will contact library to arrange a date and coordinate with Steve.

Form letters for Physicians:

  • Question: Are patients protected after Dec. 6th?  Technically, a person would be OK if they have a pending application and letter from physician.  BUT – the state isn’t accepting letters until June.  So MO residents should expect to wait unit June, 2019.  Pts are protected when they have applied for and gotten their certification from DHS.  The qualifying letter from physician does not have to state that they endorse the use of marijuana, just that the person has a qualifying medical condition. DHS SHALL grant certificate upon receipt of this letter, it’s not at their discretion.
  • Missouri State Medical Association has shared with MO Physicians basic information about the letter people need to be certified for medical marijuana. It contains basic information on qualifying conditions.


  • Louis and Kansas City have decided to stop prosecuting marijuana possession.
  • Legislative Watch: Dan’s staff and others are watching the legislative records via work search and other means, for any sign that legislators are attempting to challenge or place qualifications on Amendment 2.
  • State legislators from the St Louis area are filing bills to help with the issue that gun ownership excludes someone from getting a medical marijuana card. It’s a federal law currently, but legislators are planning to file a resolution to the Federal government asking for a change.  Dan is working on identifying legislators who are supportive and will also contact NRA to see if they will be supportive.  Resolutions could come from states with legalization asking for Congress to act to resolve this concern.
  • Two MO lawmakers are working on legislation that would address ending discrimination in employment and public housing currently in place for medical marijuana users.
  • Impairment Testing will be another topic that needs to be addressed. Discussion of whether or not the trade unions might be a good resource to tap into.
  • Question: Where does it stand for hemp farming in MO now?  There is one farmer in the KC area who has pursued licensure.  He currently grows it in Colorado.
  • Lobby Day: Tentatively planning Lobby Day for Tuesday, January 29th or 30th.  Smart Sentencing organization has one planned for the 30th, so wondering if we should coordinate.  Smart Sentencing is a group led by Empower MO in JC, with ACLU involvement, and others.
  • Several groups have formed that are made up of those interested in working within the new medical marijuana industry in MO. Missouri Cannabis Industry Association (MCIA) and Missouri Cannabis Trade Association (MCTA).
  • Question: How did Boone County vote on Amendment 2? Almost 74% were in favor.  In MO, the general vote was 66%.

Next Board Meeting:  December 3, 7 pm, at Steve’s house.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15

Recorded By:
Ramona Bade

October 1, 2018

The Board of Directors of the Mid-Missouri NORML Chapter met for a closed meeting commencing at 7 pm on Monday, October 1, 2018.  Board members present included Steve Faber, Presiding; Lonnie Kessler, Treasurer (via conference call), Lance Lenau, Communications; B. J. Jewett, Secretary; Martha Doney; Rita Yencarelli; and guests Tom Whitener, Jen Shockley, and Leslie Shockley.

Recognition of Guests:

    Steve introduced guests attending this evening.

Approval of Minutes from 10/1/2018:

    Steve asked for a motion to approve the minutes from 10/1/18. These were mailed to members earlier. J. noted a typo in the report sent out.  Martha motioned to accept the minutes, Lance seconded and it was approved unanimously.


President Report:  Events

  • Hartsburg Pumpkin Fest:
  • Lance, Steve, Aaron and Tom attended Pumpkin Fest in Hartsburg. Many wore green “Yes on 2” shirts. Members distributed information, buttons, etc.  They reported feeling there is significant support for the initiative.
  • Speaking Engagements:
  • Steve will speak with Calloway County Democrats this month – expect 60 – 70 people to attend, and will meet with Jeff Myzansky to speak to a group in Warrensburg
  • Steve spoke with his local home owners group and received strong support
  • Steve also went to a fundraiser for a local Representative who has publically supported us. The Rep did not attend, but Steve spoke with community leaders and felt they are supportive.

Treasurer Report:

  • We currently have $1143 in our account.
  • Lonnie had trouble getting a check to go through to NAM. The first didn’t go through, so was reissued.
  • Steve reports money to deposit and will get Lonnie copies of the deposits.
  • PayPal has $279.11
  • Dan Viets needs reimbursed for the t-shirts. (see below)

Communications Report:

  • A recent post received 25K views
  • Lance has been posting information to FB and Twitter.
  • Large yard signs and smaller ones are being distributed. Lance and Steve to place large ones in several locations. B. J. and Bob to place some in Cooper County.

Webmaster Report:

  • Aaron has added the updated bylaws to the website.
  • Bios are being added.
  • Aaron needs pictures of Board Members for the webpage.
  • Questions: Should we post articles from Facebook to the Webpage.
  • Aaron says he can add a Facebook feed link from our webpage to the article. It could have a link to Twitter and Facebook.
  • Question: What email addresses are posted for Board Members?
  • After discussion, it was decided that we would use for all emails. Aaron will link these to our personal accounts.
  • Send Aaron our emails, pictures and bios.

Announcements and News:

  • MU NORML – meeting first Wed of the month. Not well attended, but we are welcome to join them.  Steve is going to the MU Student Center Thursday 11 – 1.
  • General Membership Meetings – 1st Next meeting again at Broadway Billiards, at 6:30.  We’re focusing on social events/activities to try and build our membership base.
  • Issue of Imminent Domain found with the Bradshaw Amendment (3). We have not focused on this issue when discussing the differences between amendments, but this issue resonates with conservative voters, esp. Bradshaw could claim 36 sq. miles of land anywhere in MO, divide it into five campuses that could be five to six sq. miles each. Can resell up to nine sq. miles, that could help pay back his 1.6 million investment before going for schools, bridges, etc.  We’re getting good press for our initiative versus his in major newspapers (St. Louis Post Dispatch, Springfield News Leader, Riverfront Times).

Old Business

Website Sponsorships:

  • Agree earlier that Ascent, Retro Active and Sacred Leaf would be offered free advertisement through our website due to their support of the initiative. This would last for one year. Steve will contact them regarding arranging what “buttons” they want on our site with links to their webpages.
  • Several names/business were mentioned as ones we might consider offering free advertising to, but it was decided not to add them as they had not worked with us from the time of the initiative as the others have.
  • Fees for advertising on our website will be set at $10/month for a trial period, yet to be determined.

Question:  Can we accept donations via PayPal?  Yes

    Treasure will send names of donors to Secretary so she can send our thank you notes.

New Business

    Social/general meetings: Want these to be fun, ways to engage new members and share information.  We aren’t creating programs or speakers.  Members liked Broadway Billiards so will continue meeting there for now.  Our next Social/General Membership Meeting is Thursday, November 1 at 6:30 at Broadway Billiards.

  • Social Media:
  • We are going to boost Facebook posts to increase readership. Can target demographic, etc.  Steve will talk with a person he knows who specializes in this.  Some posts related to marijuana get rejected by FB.
  • Tom donated $150 to purchase boosts.

  • Speaking Engagements:
  • 10th – Dan Viets will speak at a symposium on MU campus.
  • Watch parties are being planned.

  • Homecoming:
  • Homecoming is Sat. Tailgating will run from 8:30 – 2:00 pm. We considered working the parade that morning, but felt we might distant some people because they were attending with their young children.  Will focus on the tail gaiting parties.
  • Steve will run a shuttle for anyone wanting to be dropped off to work the crowd. He’ll meet at Schuck’s starting at noon.
  • Question: Should we wear our green t-shirts.  Some felt we should, others felt it might be off-putting.  It was left that each person would decide.
  • We will hand out the 3 – 5 cards that were printed by the Springfield group. Steve will follow-up to see if we can get more cards by then. These will also be shared on election day.

  • Password Bank
  • Secretary will maintain a bank of all account/webpage access logins and passwords. This will be maintained with other hard-copy materials. Lonnie, Steve and Lance need to get this information to B. J.

  • Question: Should we consider having a limited ability for Board members to access funds in an urgent situation?
  • Jen reported that the KC branch allows Executive members to spend up to twenty-five dollars and get reimbursed later.
  • We discussed how best to arrange this, including adapting our bylaws to include that President, Treasurer and one other board member could approve an expense up to 50 dollars. This could be in person or on-line vote of these three members.  This would only apply to matters that needed a decision before our next meeting and/or before two-day discussion/vote as approved by current bylaws. Motion to approve was made by Steve, seconded by B. J. and carried unanimously.
  • J. to send out note to members about next meeting and include that this by-laws change will be voted on in our next general meeting.

    Question: Do we have a list of current members? Lonnie and Steve will work on this. Until determined, emails will be sent to full group of Mid-MO NORML contacts.


    Dan Viets needs to be reimbursed for purchasing the website domain. Total was $90.  Steve made a motion to pay this amount, Lance seconded and motion was approved unanimously.   Lonnie will arrange.

Next Board Meeting:  November 5th,  at 7pm at Steve’s house.  We may choose to add a meeting on October 26th if needed.  Steve will let us know.

Recorded By:
Ramona Bade

September 25, 2018

The Board of Directors of the Mid-Missouri NORML Chapter met at an open meeting at the Daniel Boone Regional Library, commencing at 6:30pm on Monday, September 25th.  Board members present included Steve Faber, Presiding; Josh Chittum, Vice President; Jackie Casteel, Treasurer; B. J. Jewett, Secretary; and Jen Forbes.  Also in attendance were:  Rita Yencarelli, Martha Doney, Lance Lanau, Doug Keeth, Gail Plemmons, Jeff Frey and Rachel Bragg.

Board Members absent from the meeting were: Miki Sullivan, Events

Call to Order:

    Meeting was called to order with welcome and introductions.

Approval of Minutes:

    All members had received and reviewed the corrected Meeting Minutes from our last meeting and these were approved.

Treasurers Report

  • Mid-Mo NORML chapter has a current balance of $2869.55 in our account.
  • Our memberships run April to April, so will need to plan ahead for a membership drive in the spring.

Update on Campaign:

  • 60,000 signatures (approximately) have been turned in state-wide to FieldWorks. FieldWorks has been hired to check validity of signatures before they are officially submitted in May, 2018.
  • They have offices in Springfield, Kansas City and Chesterfield.
  • The 4th Congressional District (our district) isn’t getting paid petitioners at this time. That could change if needed, but there are two reasons for this decision now.  The first is that our local chapter is doing so well in collecting signatures.    The second reason is that in the other five Congressional districts, we’re sharing paid petitioners with the Clean MO group.  Clean MO isn’t gathering signatures in our area, so we’d have to bear the cost of these workers.
  • Jeff Mysanskey has put together a strong group working well in Cass County (also part of District 4,), including Sedalia and Warrensburg.
  • New Approach MO (NAM) has been offered a significant donation from private donors if they are able to collect $200,000 before October 6, 2017. So far, they have collected over $100,000.  Several donors are interested in MO and our attempts to get medical marijuana on the ballot next fall.  Dan Viets has been working out of state to secure additional donations.
  • Discussion: Do we feel our chapter is able to make a donation to NAM to support this goal?
  • Motion made to give $860 donation to NAM made by Jen Forbes. Motion seconded by B. J. Jewett. Motion passed unanimously.  J. Jewett will contact Jackie Casteel (who had to leave early) to arrange to get check drawn from our account.  NAM needs to receive the check by Oct. 6.

Old Business/Discussion of Current Petitioning Efforts:

  • The first report on our validity rate for signatures is underway.
  • The validity rate is based on the reviewers being very conservative in accepting signatures as valid. The current rate overall statewide is 60%.  The range for our group based on very preliminary checks ranges from 37% go 72%.
  • Some issues are correctible and we will be able to do so before the final count.
  • Our chapter has turned in over 12,000 signatures. Several of our members remain in the top ten state-wide collectors:  Doug Keeth, Rita Yencarelli and Lance Lenau.  These members also just turned in additional signatures, as follows:
  • Rita: 80
  • Lance: 180
  • Doug: 222

New Business:

  • MU Students for Sensible Drug Policy chapter is holding a bake sale on 9/29 from 9 -2 in the Speaker’s Circle on MU Campus. Please stop by and support their efforts.
  • Roots and Blues Festival: September 29 – Oct 1.
  • Plans finalized for coverage of our booth. It must be “manned” at all times during festival hours.  We will set-up Thursday at 3 but don’t need staff until Friday at 4.  All shifts covered at the present by at least two people.
  • We are not selling merchandise. Festival is using a new system this year where cash purchases are not allowed. Participants pre-load a wrist band with money to spend during the festival.  Participants can get back money they don’t spend, but there’s a fee.  We discussed several handouts we can provide for free and will make these available, ie, stickers, “Know Your Rights” cards.  We do not have time to prepare items for the “swag bags” for special promotion ticket holders.
  • We will have a sign-up/email list for interested people with info on our Facebook Page, encourage them to attend our next meeting and to “Like” us on Facebook. Also, for those who want to do more, we’ll encourage them to donate to NAM via our FB page/Fundly or directly.
  • Parking is an issue. Shuttles will run from the downtown parking garages.
  • Steve will handle wrist bands for those working the booth.
  • Clover’s Event: 10/15/2017 from 3 – 5pm
  • Kristin Williams will be hosting a workshop promoting hemp based products from the company “Hempley”. Doug Keeth will take lead on talking with Clovers about petitioning during this event.
  • Blue Note:
  • We don’t have an event scheduled to table indoors currently, but several people have collected before concerts. This isn’t an organized activity, but members work as they have time.
  • If doing so at this time of year, bring a headlamp or light as the area gets dark where people wait in line to enter the concert.
  • Homecoming: MU Football Homecoming is 10/21.
  • There will be lots of tail-gaiting this day. In the past, many were held along College Avenue on campus.  The law school and nursing schools held large events, so that would be a good area to focus.
  • Members from our group were asked to leave the immediate area of the stadium during the last home game, so we’ll focus on public areas nearby.
  • Hartsburg Pumpkin Fest: 13 – 15.
  • We were denied a booth (see previous notes) but several members plan to go to the festival and petition in public areas. Lance Lanau will take lead on arranging parking, tickets, etc.


Can we set up on-line merchandise sales?

    Jen Forbes will look into how this can be arranged via our Facebook page.

Who should be getting copies of the Meeting Minutes?  Should they be emailed to only Mid-MO NORML members or to anyone who has attended meetings/expressed interest this year?

    Earlier this year, B. J. Jewett sent out a large email to people who had been involved in the past, but none responded. Currently members and those who’ve been involved since January 2017 have been receiving the minutes.  Members felt that transparency is important, as well as providing the information to those unable to attend the meetings.  The group consensus was that both members and non-members should receive the Meeting Minutes via email.  Also, it was suggested that a synopsis be placed on our Mid-MO NORML Facebook page.

Next Meeting:  October 23rd, 6:30, Friends Room at Daniel Boone Regional Library.

    Josh Chittum will lead this meeting and Steve Faber is unable to attend.

Recorded By:
Ramona Bade

September 17, 2018

The Board of Directors of the Mid-Missouri NORML Chapter met for a closed meeting at Steve Faber’s house, commencing at 7 pm on Monday, September 17, 2018.  Board members present included Steve Faber, Presiding; Dan Viets, Vice President; Lance Lenau, Communications; Lonnie Kessler, Treasurer (by phone); B. J. Jewett, Secretary; Board Members, Rita Yencarelli and Martha Doney.  Additional attendees:  Sheila Dundon, Aaron Anderson

Meeting was called to order at 7:10pm

Review of Minutes:

Minutes were reviewed by members.  Dan made a motion to accept the minutes, Steve seconded.  Minutes were approved unanimously.



    Business Cards: Steve ordered business cards with the NAM “Yes on 2”, and shared these with members.  We brainstormed a list of places that might be willing to distribute cards.  Steve and Lance will work together to deliver to these sites.


  • Our website through the Evoke group has ended. Aaron will help us start a new website that has more images, links, and the ability to accept advertising.  We discussed what information we wanted on the new website.
  • Twitter: We are unable to access our old account, partly due to issues with inability to access our old website.  Aaron will pursue setting up a new account.
  • Aaron will set up individual accounts.
  • Board members are asked to send personal bios to Aaron via email. He will add these to the website.  Send these to Aaron at:


  • We have 2070.63 in our account. Lonnie is setting up the debit card at Central Bank in Moberly.
  • Steve has two checks from the Cooper’s Landing event to deposit and three dollars cash. He will deposit this at the local branch.
  • Lonnie is contacting Jackie Casteel (past Treasurer) to deal with issues in resolving our ability to accept Paypal payments.

Announcements and News

  • Dan reported on the Mo Cannabis Industry Association Conference in KC. The conference was a fund-raiser for NAM.  Dan reports it was well attended and speakers were excellent.
  • Bradshaw lawsuit: The appeal will be heard 9/18/18 in Western District Court.  Bradshaw dropped his suit against MCP – Prop C.  We’re hoping for a ruling by the end of the week.  Deadline for certification for the ballot is last week of September.
  • Dan and Steve were invited to attend the MO Federalist Society in Jefferson City.

Old Business

    Website: See Communications section above

  • Bylaw Amendments: Amendments were passed at our last general meeting.  These need to be retyped to reflect the changes. Noted: “As amended and restated by action of the general membership” will be added.
  • MU NORML: The next chapter meeting of MU NORML will be on 10/3 at 3:30 on campus.  We encourage all members to attend to support the campus organization.
  • T Shirts: Discussion of value of having these for contacts within the next 56 days before the election.  We decided it would be beneficial to have a few for the core members to help with advertising “Yes on 2” when we attend events.  Aaron will work on a design and shared a logo he had found on the web.  He has contacts that can rapidly produce these if we decide to go ahead and place an order.  Steve to send information to Aaron about adding any necessary political language on the back like that we had on our green t-shirts.  Group decided we liked the logo Aaron showed us with “Yes on 2, No on 3/C”.
  • Pins: Steve ordered 100 gold marijuana leaf pins for resale.  He will keep 20, but would like to be reimbursed for 80, which can then be sold.  Cost for sale is $5.00.   Aaron took ten pins for sale in his store.
  • Past Events members have attended/tabled to share info before upcoming election:
  • Federalist Society – Dan and Steve
  • Cooper’s Landing Fest – Steve and Dan
  • Beards for Vets – Lance and Martha

New Business:

Upcoming Events:

  • Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival: Question:  Can we go to fest and set up table on the sidewalk.  Is that legal?  Felt we could be asked to leave since others paid for a place for a booth.  Also, could be private property, so could be trespassing.  Felt it was better to attend in our t-shirts and circulate, handing out the business cards/NAM info.  Lance, Rita, Aaron plan to attend.
  • Our-Revolution: Members there are willing to distribute our cards/info when they attend events.  Question: Should we add the contact person to our closed Board Member Facebook communications page.  Discussion that we use this for private information and comments, so we decided we would not add anyone from outside the Board.  The contact person follows Lance, Lonnie and our Facebook page, so has access to all information we distribute.
  • Adrian Plank (House District 47) endorsed the NAM Campaign: Discussion:  Did we want to accept the endorsement?  Would we want to endorse him and other candidates?  Is this allowed in our by-laws?  Steve motioned that we accept his endorsement, Rita seconded and motion passed unanimously.  Group decided that a thank you note should be sent (done, 9/19) thanking Adrian for his support.  Lance motioned that we endorse his campaign.  Steve seconded.  By-laws were reviewed and it was decided that our by-laws would allow this.  However, it was a consensus that we didn’t want to begin endorsing candidates.  Lance and Steve withdrew their motion. Lance will post a Facebook page (done, 9/19) to thank Adrian for his support.
  • Website Sponsors: Aaron will work with our Facebook page to make it possible for business to purchase a sponsorship on our page.  We can start with a small fee, 10/month for several months while we look at our web traffic.  Question?  Can we accept money for advertisements on our website? Group decided that our bylaws would allow this.  Discussed a minimum donation of $420/year, but determined our traffic may not be large enough to warrant this amount, especially at first.  Aaron suggested using Search Engine Optimization to increase our traffic.  Group discussed that we might offer it at a low rate initially to those who have supported our efforts:  Aqueous Vapor, Sacred Leaf, Retro Active, Ascent Vapor Lounge.  Lance motioned we offer Sponsorships to the above businesses free for one year, and charge others $10/month.  Steve seconded and motion passed unanimously.
  • By-Laws Ratification: By-laws need to be retyped to include changes.  J. will complete this.
  • Social Member Meetings/Programs: Discussed ways to increase our membership.  The last social was at East Side Tavern and was not well attended.  Some felt it might be good to find a place with a broader range of people and hold a meeting/social time there. This would improve visibility and access to larger numbers of people.  Places discussed included:  Rose Music Hall, Grand Cru, Social Room, Broadway Billards, and Logboat.  Members felt that Broadway Billiards might offer a quiet enough place to meet, but a large and diverse public.  Aaron contacted them, and it was approved that we meet on Thursday, October 4th at 6pm.  We will set up a table and customers would need to approach us, rather than us approaching them.  But good visibility should offer time to inform people and pass out the NAM cards.
  • Speaking Events: Upcoming
  • September 26th – Waynesville- Pulaski County Democrats: They have requested a medical person attend along with Steve.
  • Dent County Democrats have requested a speaker. TBD
  • Cooper County Democrast – B. J. will speak with this group TBD
  • Concert with Poundgame Addison, Sat, Oct, 6th – local artist achieving national recognition. Lonnie will take the lead on getting us on the list to hand out info in the lobby.  We will wear our “Yes on 2” shirts and donate one to the artist.
  • MU NORML – Dan and Ben will talk at their meeting
  • Heart of Health Exchange: October 13, 8 am at Logboat Brewing Co.  Kristin Williams is presenting health information, yoga, etc.  We think this would be a good format for a table to present information.  Lonnie will pursue arrangements.
  • Pins:
  • Can be purchased for $1.68/each if order 100 for $168.00
  • Steve has purchased the first 100. Would like to keep 20, leaving 80 for Mid_MO NORML to sell.  Motion made to reimburse Steve for 80 pins.  Seconded and approved by all.  Lonnie will arrange reimbursement.
  • General Membership Meeting: 10/4 at Columbia Billiards – 6pm (see previous note)
  • Ex-officio Board Members: Steve motioned that we add an MU NORML member to our Board of Directors.  Also, that Sheila Dundon and Aaron Anderson be added.  Dan seconded and motion unanimously passed.
  • Donation: Dan motioned that Mid-MO NORML give a $1000 donation to NAM.  National organization will match these funds.  Steve seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.

Recorded By:
Ramona Bade

August 8, 2018

The Board of Directors of the Mid-Missouri NORML Chapter met for a closed meeting at the Steve Faber’s house, commencing at 7 pm on Monday, August 8, 2018.  Board members present included Steve Faber, Presiding; Dan Viets, Vice President; Lance Lenau, Communications; Lonnie Kessler, Treasurer; B. J. Jewett, Secretary.

Meeting was called to order at 7:10pm


  • Treasurer: Steve will meet with Lonnie to finalize the transfer of accounts/paperwork needed for Lonnie to assume those duties.  They will go to the bank together as soon as a mutual date can be arranged.
  • Lonnie will update current membership list.
  • Lonnie will review our current non-profit status and compliance.

Old Business


  • Lance worked with the company that manages our website to gain access as an Administrator. He was able to update the list of Board Members and will continue to work on other informational pieces for the site.
  • Lance brought copies of the bylaws for review and will place these on the website once they are reviewed. (See below)
  • Each of us will access the site and update our biographies.
  • Lance will work with Jack Cardetti to post information that is in keeping with that produced by New Approach Missouri (NAM).
  • Meeting Minutes will be sent to board prior to the next meeting for approval at that meeting. Once approved, Lance will post meeting minutes (bulleted form) on the website under “Archived”.
  • Website will link with Facebook, where day to day information is put.

New Business:


    Would it be helpful to add additional board members? Members felt it would be good.  J. motioned that we invite Martha Doney and Rita Yencarelli to join the board. Lance seconded. B. J. will contact them to see if they are willing.  (They are both willing.)

    Should minutes continue to be sent to all who expressed interest over the years, to members only or to Board only? After discussion it was decided that a note will be sent to the MidMO NORML email list letting them know that minutes will be placed on the website.  Also, same note to remind them to check Facebook for events, updates, etc.

    Should we meet more often that once a month? Member discussed and decided to meet bi-monthly on the 1st and 3rd  These will be meetings of the Board only.  General membership meetings will be also be held monthly.  Steve would like a community location for social/membership meetings.  He suggested Eastside Tavern and will contact the owner to see if this would be acceptable.

  • Should we amend our bylaws?: Mid-MO NORML bylaws were reviewed.  Several areas were discussed and group made suggestions. Steve will review these and it will be discussed/approved at our next meeting.  After a review the following changes were suggested:
  • Have the option of on-line voting for situations that arise. Members felt it should be reserved for emergencies, that we’d need a 48-hour discussion timeframe and a majority of Board Members would have to vote.
  • Use PayPal rather than a bank/checking account.
  • Move the duties of press releases from Secretary to Communications.
  • Omit fall meeting requirement

Getting the Word Out

  • Speaking Engagements: Members would like to begin arranging for speaking engagements and promoting Amendment 2.  We want to be consistent with the approach that NAM is using.  Steve will discuss with the NAM Campaign Consultant, Jack Cardetti.  We’ve been invited to speak at:
  • Our Revolution
  • We will refer all media requests to Jack Cardetti.
  • We will wait to see what handouts/written NAM develops. Steve would like to see a small card that could be handed out at events that outlines major strengths of NAM initiative.

Up-coming Events:

  • Lance proposed we have an educational booth at the Hartsburg Pumpkin Fest in October.
  • Dan reported that Pride Fest is sold out. We will not have a booth for that event.

Candidate Endorsements:

    NAM doesn’t endorse specific candidates. The NORML PAC does.  Information can be sent to candidates to educate them to the benefits of medical marijuana and to obtain their views.  Lance will work on this in coordination with NAM.

Next Meeting:

  • Set general membership meeting to formally introduce proposed changes to our bylaws and vote on same.
  • Report on website progress

Recorded By:
Ramona Bade

June 19, 2018

The Board of Directors of the Mid-Missouri NORML Chapter met at an open meeting at the ITAP, commencing at 6:30pm on Thursday, June 19th.  Board members present included Steve Faber, Presiding; Dan Viets, Vice President; Lonnie Kessler, Treasurer; Lance Lenau, Communications; B. J. Jewett, Secretary.  Also attending were:  Sheila Dundon, Rita Yencarelli, Martha Doney,  Joseph Struttmann, Bob Jewett, Gail Plemmons, and Ben Barnhart.

Outreach and Education:

Now the we have finished with collecting signatures to get the initiate on the ballot, Mid-MO NORML will shift our focus to outreach activities that educate the public on why we support legalization and that draw in new members.  We expect to know by early August if our initiative will be on the ballot.  At that time, we’ll learn the official number and order it will be placed on the ballot.  We can then use this when talking with folks to help them differentiate between the NAM initiative and the others that may be on the ballot.  We need to educate voters to our initiative and the reasons that it is superior, as well as generally to why legalization of medical marijuana is needed.  We will look for activities to support both of these goals.  Several ideas were discussed, including:

Social Events/Outreach:

  • July 19th: Social at East Side Tavern for fun and karaoke.  Steve to request songs that have a marijuana theme.  Hoping to gather new members through these get-togethers.
  • Watch our Facebook page for more info on events.
  • Lonnie will purchase business cards so he can present these to businesses when asking for donations/support for events.


  • Lonnie will look into arranging for a journalism student to write an article/interview about why we support the legalization of medical marijuana.
  • Lonnie is working on having a documentary made re: our group and the issues. Several members volunteered to take part in this.
  • Steve is responsible for media contacts and will be working on these.
  • J. will work on a bulleted list of talking points re our initiative versus the other’s.
  • Lonnie will contact Paul Pepper to see if we can be interviewe on his radio show.
  • Other groups we might contact to give presentations: Rotary, Civic Organizations, Nursing Organizations (Sheila to pursue).
  • Lonnie attended a recent conference where Update on recent conference where Paul Armentano, National Deputy Director of NORML presented. He highlighted Information that can help members talk with the public in support of medical legalization, such as:


  • The old Mid-MO NORML website is still up and running, but is incorrect. Mid-MO NORML has not been paying for it, and we neither know how to end it or change it.  Sheila has contact information for one of the original people who worked to set it up.
  • J. will follow-up with Sheila and contact that person.

New Approach Missouri:

    Please consider a donation to NAM as they continue to work to educate the public on reasons to vote in support of legalizing medical marijuana.

Next meeting:

  • July 19th 6:30 – Karaoke and socializing at East Side Tavern, Columbia Mo
  • Facebook Page: Please watch our Facebook Page Mid-MO NORML for updates and info!!

Recorded By:
Ramona Bade